About Me

A bad picture of me

My name is Charles Goodwin. I am a lawyer and I am a programmer. And I am the founding principal of Armigeri LLC.

Armgeri - Latin for esquire - is an information technologies and services firm focusing on the legal market and allied fields. Armigeri seeks to deliver the highest quality software and web apps, the kind of products that allow users to focus on their work, rather than wrestle with technology. We provide both commercial and custom software.

Our commercial launch product will be Designate, software for designating transcribed testimony. Designate automates a wretched task that lawyers hate. (See “Designations” Sidebar)

A summary biography is usually included here. I went to lots of school. I programmed some. I went to more school. I practiced law for a long time. Then, I turned to technology because I like working on problems that can increase productivity and maybe even make a better world. A full resumé is here.